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Animation Classes



This course begins with introduction to Maya and touches upon other related software. The topics will cover all standard production pipelines used within the industry.


Work as 3d Modular, 3d Animator, 3d Texturing Artist, 3d Lighting Artist with Private and Government companies, Engineering Firms, Advertising Agencies, School and Colleges, Animation Production Houses, Film Production Houses and you can also work as a Freelance 3d artist from home and Companies with own computer.


Intro to Maya and Max Software Training
• 3D Modelling Skills Techniques
• Texture Mapping Skills Development
• Lighting and Rendering Skills Development
• Animation Skills Development
The Animation Production Pipeline
• Character Modelling and Skinning
• Skeleton Creation and Rigging
• Texturing Techniques
• Principles of Animation
• Keyframe Animation Techniques
Creature Production Pipeline
• Character Design and Modelling
• Sculpting in Mudbox
• Texturing in Mudbox
• Maya to Mudbox Workflows
• Integration Motion Capture Data
Animation Production
• On-set Motion Capture and Cleanup
• Blend Shapes and Lip Sync
• Incorporating Secondary Animation
• Layering Muscle Systems
• Simulating Fur, Hair and Flesh

Students who demonstrate exemplary communication and teamwork, management, planning and organization skills, initiative and film sense are awarded the Met Film School Professional Practice Certificate, and access to our Industry Placement Scheme.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
– Sculpt photo-realistic 3D creatures
– Capture on-set motion data
– Integrate the traditional Principles of Animation
– Add dynamic finishing FX such as CG cloth, fur and hair
– Communicate effectively as a member of a production team
– Problem-solve effectively and construct dynamic production workarounds
– Work seamlessly between industry standard visual effects software packages