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Video Editing Course


Course Overview

Delivers practical Training in basic editing and takes to find cut-pro user interface. Various topics will be covered to enable students to edit professional quality videos.

Career Options: ( Final Cut Pro X Master )

Person can work in various T.V. Channel or production house, as Video Editor or a Freelance Video Editor or can also setup Non-Liner Video editing and sound recording studio at home

Final Cut Pro X Master Course Content

  • Exploring the Final Cut Pro X Interface
  • Importing
  • Organizing Clips in an Event
  • Building a Rough Cut
  • Fine tuning a Rough Cut
  • Adding to the Primary Storyline
  • Working with Sound
  • Working with Titles, Generators and Themes
  • Retiming and Transforming Clips
  • Applying Effects and Enhancing Color
  • Exporting and Sharing Your Project
  • Applying Transitions

Career Options: ( Adobe After Effects)

Motion Graphic Professional, Visual Effects Artist,After Effects Expert, Visualizer, Art Director, Video Editor, 2D and 3D Animator etc.

Adobe After Effects Course Content

  • Overview of workflow in After Effects
  • How to make animation using After Effects and Presets
  • Using Animating text
  • Working of shape layers
  • Process of animating a multimedia presentation
  • Simulating lighting changes procedure
  • Masking in After Effects
  • Distorting objects with the Puppet tools
  • Usage of Roto Brush tool
  • How to do color correction
  • Making a 3D object and using 3D features
  • Working with Advanced editing techniques
  • After Effects Rendering and outputting

Career Options : ( Adobe Premiere Pro Master)

Person can work in various T.V. Channel or production house, as Video Editor or a Freelance Video Editor or can also setup NonLiner Video editing and sound recording studio at home.

Adobe Premiere Pro Master Course Content

  • Touring Adobe Premiere Pro Cc2017
  • Selecting Settings, Adjusting preferences, And Managing Assets
  • Importing and Managing Tapeless Media
  • Shooting and Capturing Great Video Assets
  • Creating Cuts-Only Videos
  • Adding Video Transitions
  • Creating Dynamic Titles
  • Applying Specialized Editing Tools
  • Adding Video Effects
  • Changing Time
  • Acquiring and Editing Audio
  • Sweetening Your Sound and Mixing Audio
  • Analyzing Content
  • Exploring Compositing Techniques
  • Working With Colour, Nested Sequences And Shortcuts
  • Managing Your Projects
  • Exploring Adobe On location Cs5
  • Using Photoshop and After Effects to Enhance Your Video Projects
  • Exporting Frames, Clips and Sequences
  • Authoring DVDS with Adobe Encore Cs5
  • Tests and Showreel