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Vfx & Animation Courses

Vfx & Animation Courses in Delhi

Course Overview

This course will help learn about how in film-making, visual effects (VFX) are processed by imagery that is created to manipulate outside the context of a live action shot.


Opportunities lie in UI design, Graphic design, Storyboarding, Game design, 3D Modelling Texturing and Lighting, dynamics and VFX.


• Editing in Final Cut Pro
• Building and finishing the rough cut
• Trimming clip duration
• Refining edit points
• Advanced trimming techniques
• Refining the editing process
• Multicam editing
• Capturing and transferring footage
• Applying transitions
• Mixing audio tracks
• Creating titles
• Compositing
• Speed changes
• Creating dynamic effects and key framing
• Applying and mastering filters
• Outputting